February 2020

Can I bring my pet?


Nope, sorry. We are big fans of animals, which is why we don’t allow them along to sessions...

Can I bring my pet?2021-03-20T15:55:50+00:00

What about spectators?


We don’t allow spectators at any of our venues aside from special events. That said...

What about spectators?2021-03-20T15:56:37+00:00

What about Disabled access?


We always try to accomodate all abilities into our sessions, if you have any questions...

What about Disabled access?2021-03-20T15:57:11+00:00

What if I’m late?


You need to arrive at your session in good time (did we say that?)! Seriously, it’s crucial...

What if I’m late?2021-03-20T15:58:20+00:00

Arrival times


We recommend 15 minutes, 10 is fine, 5 is cutting it fine. 3 isn't worth thinking about.

Arrival times2021-03-20T15:58:24+00:00

What is a session?


See below for how a typical session might look - but our incredible instructors will...

What is a session?2021-03-20T15:58:57+00:00

How long do sessions last?


All of our sessions are 60 mins long and we try to fit as much in as we can. Sometimes...

How long do sessions last?2021-03-20T15:59:09+00:00

Can I have the place to myself?


Yes, you can. There are a couple of different ways you are able to do this...

Can I have the place to myself?2021-03-20T15:59:15+00:00

Do I have to wear anything special?


Nope, but please make sure you wear sensible footwear. No open toes or high heels please...

Do I have to wear anything special?2021-03-20T15:59:42+00:00

October 2019

Is there an age limit?


Yes. We only throw with people over 16 years of age. As for an upper limit, providing you're happy...

Is there an age limit?2021-03-20T15:59:47+00:00
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