See below for how a typical session might look – but our incredible instructors will customise our sessions depending upon our guests, they’re good like that.

  1. SAFETY BRIEFING – Yup, safety first, always. Before anyone throws anything we always go through our house rules. These are designed to keep everyone safe, outline what everyone will and also must not be doing. You can’t skip this bit.


  1. THE BASICS– That’s the start. The very beginning. We are well aware that a lot of people out there haven’t had the time to try axe-throwing yet which is why all of our sessions start from the very beginning. From how to hold and collect your axe to what’s actually going on when you’re throwing at those targets.


  1. ADVANCED THROWS – You want to try something a little more Thor? Fancy 2 at a time? Our Instructors have all sorts of tricks for you to try out.


  1. THE BIG COMPETITION – What you thought we weren’t going to put you to the test? There is an axe crown out there and it’s got your name on it! So you know what you’re doing, you’ve even started to nail those trickshots, you want the crown. EVERYONE WANTS THE CROWN . It’s time to go head to head, no more alliances, no more besties, it’s all versus all in our competition finale. This is where your Instructor stops advising and starts keeping the score.


  1. PHOTO TIME – We pictures of all of our throwers. No not a stiff corporate portrait, all of you next to your targets… with axes.