February 2020

Can I bring my pet?


Nope, sorry. We are big fans of animals, which is why we don’t allow them along to sessions...

Can I bring my pet?2020-02-09T15:19:35+00:00

What about spectators?


We don’t allow spectators at any of our venues aside from special events. That said...

What about spectators?2020-02-09T15:18:39+00:00

Do I have to wear anything special?


Nope, but please make sure you wear sensible footwear. No open toes or high heels please...

Do I have to wear anything special?2020-02-09T15:04:43+00:00

October 2019

Is there an age limit?


Yes. We only throw with people over 16 years of age. As for an upper limit, providing you're happy...

Is there an age limit?2019-10-17T14:12:58+01:00

Can I drink alcohol beforehand?


Anyone found to be intoxicated via drink or drugs will not be able to throw...

Can I drink alcohol beforehand?2019-10-17T14:02:27+01:00

Do I have to sign a disclaimer?


Yes. This document explains all of our rules and says that you agree to abide by them...

Do I have to sign a disclaimer?2019-10-17T13:58:13+01:00

First, is it safe?


All of our instructors are trained professionals and work with you throughout the session...

First, is it safe?2019-10-17T12:33:47+01:00
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